Cerebral Palsy


Custom Shoes for Cerebral Palsy

Many patients with cerebral palsy use a leg brace inserted in an off-the-shelf shoe or boot to walk. While leg braces do help support you while walking, a custom-made shoe can be more effective.

Custom-made orthopedic shoes fit the foot more closely than a leg brace inside a standard shoe. This intimate fit means less movement of your foot inside the shoe, allowing you to walk more naturally.

To start the process of building your custom shoes, The Foot Lab does a full analysis and assessment of your natural walk and standing posture.
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Insurance Coverage

AADL covers 75% or 100% of custom shoes for cerebral palsy patients, dependent on your financial situation.

NIHB covers 100% if the footwear is approved.

WCB covers 100% if you have prior approval from your WCB case manager.

The Canadian military will cover 100% of your custom orthopedic footwear with prior approval.

Private health insurance covers custom-made orthopedic footwear. In most cases the coverage is sufficient to cover the 25% not covered by AADL; be sure to check your policy. Your policy will also specify what you need for approval.