Custom Footwear

Orthopedic, hard-to-fit, military

Whatever the reason you need custom-made footwear, The Foot Lab can help.

We cast, measure, scan and photograph your feet to create a 3D computer model before sending it to our top-notch manufacturing facility. There, skilled craftsmen build your shoes to exact measurements, so you get the most accurate fit possible. Once your shoes are complete, we quality check each one to make sure everything came out exactly right. Your new custom-made orthopedic shoes can be ready in just 4-6 weeks.

If you have foot, leg, or back pain or discomfort, custom-made orthopedic shoes can make a world of difference in your daily life. A custom orthopedic shoe is built by hand for your specific needs, including the way you stand and walk, providing relief from chronic health conditions like cerebral palsy, diabetes or a partial foot amputation.
Footwear plays a critical part in how we move. Poorly fitting shoes can even cause long-term pain problems. Imagine a pair of shoes or boots that fits you perfectly the moment you try them on. If you’ve had trouble finding properly-fitting shoes at traditional stores because you have hard-to-fit feet, make an investment in your comfort with a pair of made-to-measure, custom shoes.  The Foot Lab makes sure your shoes fit exactly as they should, whether you have very large, small, narrow, or wide feet, and even in the presence of a bump or other non-typical foot shape.
No career has you on your feet as often as one in the military. Protect your back and foot health with custom-made shoes or boots that meet dress code standards. If you need orthopedic shoes or have hard-to-fit feet, the military may even cover the costs of your custom shoes. (You’ll need prior approval from them before you start the custom footwear process in order to guarantee your coverage.)


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Insurance Coverage

Custom-made orthopedic footwear is covered by AADL and NIHB if  “the client has a significant bony deformity making off-the-shelf-footwear inappropriate to their needs.”

AADL covers 75% or 100% dependent on your financial situation, A prescription from your doctor or podiatrist is required for coverage.

NIHB covers 100% if the footwear is approved. A prescription from a surgical specialist is required for coverage.

WCB covers 100% if you have prior approval from WCB.

Private health insurance covers custom made orthopedic footwear. In most cases the coverage is sufficient to cover the 25% not covered by AADL; be sure to check your policy. Like AADL, private health insurance requires a prescription from your doctor or podiatrist for coverage.