Custom Inserts & Insoles

Orthotic supports for shoes and boots


Your shoes or boots fit much more comfortably with a custom-made insert or insole. A custom-fit insert or insole reduces strain on your body caused by walking or standing, improving your joint and muscle health.

At The Foot Lab, we start with a full analysis of your gait – the way you walk and move. From there, we make a cast of your feet and get to work creating the right foot orthotic for you. Made in-house by pedorthic master craftsman Tom Lemke, your inserts or insoles can be ready in just a week.




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Insurance Coverage


NIHB covers 100% if the orthotic is approved. A doctor’s prescription is required.

WCB covers 100% if you have prior approval from WCB and a doctor’s prescription.

Private health insurance covers custom made orthotics. Like NIHB or WCB, private health insurance requires a prescription from your doctor for coverage.