Footwear Modification



Elevation build ups, wedges, buttresses


When your leg lengths or foot shapes don’t match, off-the-shelf footwear is uncomfortable and impractical. You might walk with a limp or have persistent pain in your feet, legs or back.

The Foot Lab can change your existing shoes to accommodate differently-sized legs or feet. For differently-sized feet, we gently stretch your off-the-shelf shoes to fit. If your legs are different lengths, we add a larger sole to your existing shoe on the shorter side, giving you a more natural walk with less impact with less strain on your body.

It all starts with a full assessment of the way you walk, stand and move.

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Insurance Coverage


AADL covers shoes modification and up to two elevation build ups per year (minimum 2 cm gain) at 75% or 100% dependent on your financial situation. A prescription from your doctor or podiatrist is required for coverage.

NIHB covers 100% with a prescription from your doctor.

WCB covers 100% if you have prior approval from WCB.

Private health insurance coverage varies by policy. Contact your insurance provider for details on your coverage.