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Custom Shoes or Inserts for Partial Amputations

What are Custom Shoes or Inserts for Partial Amputations?

Amputation is a procedure that involves the removal of part or all of a body part that is enclosed by skin. Amputation can occur because of unexpected trauma, faulty surgery, or medical illness.

After losing part of the foot or feet due to amputation, it is possible to re-create the function that has been lost. We craft a prosthesis to go into existing shoes and boots, or into Therapeutic footwear.  Therapeutic shoes will more easily accept the prosthesis than regular shoes. Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear are needed in cases where the foot needs more overall support than what can be provided by off-the-shelf shoes and boots.

If you have a partial foot or toe amputation, The Foot Lab can create a custom orthopedic shoe or custom insert for your off-the-shelf footwear to support the foot and fill the space left by amputation.

Our Services

Orthopedic, hard-to-fit, military. We cast, measure, scan and photograph your feet to create a 3D computer model before sending it to our top-notch manufacturing facility.

Orthotic supports for shoes and boots. Your shoes or boots fit much more comfortably with a custom-made insert or insole. A custom-fit insert or insole reduces strain on your body caused by walking or standing, improving your joint and muscle health.

Elevation build ups, wedges, buttresses. When your leg lengths or foot shapes don’t match, off-the-shelf footwear is uncomfortable and impractical. You might walk with a limp or have persistent pain in your feet, legs or back.

For the High-Risk foot we provide shoes and special inserts. These can help protect your feet from developing ulcers or to stop the ulcers from re-developing.