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Custom Shoes for Cerebral Palsy

What are Custom Shoes for Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy pertains to a group of disorders in the body disrupting movements that lead to abnormal muscle tone or posture. Cerebral palsy is caused by the damage occurred to the immature brain during fetal development. The abnormal posture very often present in the feet, as a foot deformity and inability to walk with a normal gait, custom made orthopedic boots with built-in bracing can help tremendously with aligning and supporting the structures of the foot and lower leg so one can walk more easily.

Many patients with cerebral palsy use a leg brace inserted in an off-the-shelf shoe or boot to walk. While leg braces do help support you while walking, a custom-made shoe can be more effective.

Custom-made orthopedic shoes fit the foot more closely than a leg brace inside a standard shoe. This personalized fit means less movement of your foot inside the shoe, allowing you to walk more naturally.

To start the process of building your custom shoes, The Foot Lab does a full analysis and assessment of your natural walk and standing posture.

Our Services

Orthopedic, hard-to-fit, military. We cast, measure, scan and photograph your feet to create a 3D computer model before sending it to our top-notch manufacturing facility.

Orthotic supports for shoes and boots. Your shoes or boots fit much more comfortably with a custom-made insert or insole. A custom-fit insert or insole reduces strain on your body caused by walking or standing, improving your joint and muscle health.

Elevation build ups, wedges, buttresses. When your leg lengths or foot shapes don’t match, off-the-shelf footwear is uncomfortable and impractical. You might walk with a limp or have persistent pain in your feet, legs or back.

For the High-Risk foot we provide shoes and special inserts. These can help protect your feet from developing ulcers or to stop the ulcers from re-developing.