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Custom Footwear, Insoles & Inserts for the Diabetic Foot

What are Custom Footwear, Insoles & Inserts for the Diabetic Foot?

Diabetes is a disease condition where the human body is incapable of producing insulin or even responding to the hormone. This eventually results to impaired metabolism of carbohydrates that leads to elevated glucose levels that can be seen in blood and urine. Diabetes deteriorates blood flow and the nerves, especially the ones furthest away from the middle of the body. This causes loss of sensation and breakdown of the bones, muscles and connective tissues in the feet and hands as well as the eyes. In the feet these issues can develop into very serious problems such as burns, ulcers and changes in structure of the feet, which can lead to amputation.

For individuals with diabetes, custom insoles or inserts for your footwear support the foot, helping prevent foot ulcers. Since diabetic foot ulcers can lead to amputation, the simple step of introducing supportive, custom-made insoles or inserts to your shoe could potentially save your foot. If your condition has advanced to ulceration due to diminished sensation and you are seeing a qualified individual, you may qualify for Therapeutic Footwear and Total Contact Inserts through the AADL program.

If your diabetes has advanced to what doctors call “charcot foot”, custom shoes become a necessity. Charcot foot, a condition caused by diabetes which leads to deformation, causes enough change to foot shape that off-the-shelf shoes and boots no longer fit. Sometimes the foot becomes flat, while in other cases the sole rounds outward. For patients with charcot foot, custom-made orthopedic shoes reduce discomfort and improve walking posture. This reduces your odds of developing foot ulcers in the future.

Your new custom footwear or orthotic insoles begin with a full assessment of your posture and how you move.

Our Services

Orthopedic, hard-to-fit, military. We cast, measure, scan and photograph your feet to create a 3D computer model before sending it to our top-notch manufacturing facility.

Orthotic supports for shoes and boots. Your shoes or boots fit much more comfortably with a custom-made insert or insole. A custom-fit insert or insole reduces strain on your body caused by walking or standing, improving your joint and muscle health.

Elevation build ups, wedges, buttresses. When your leg lengths or foot shapes don’t match, off-the-shelf footwear is uncomfortable and impractical. You might walk with a limp or have persistent pain in your feet, legs or back.

For the High-Risk foot we provide shoes and special inserts. These can help protect your feet from developing ulcers or to stop the ulcers from re-developing.